Ford Motor Company Celebrates Its 10 Millionth Mustang

Ford Motor Company made history in August, with the company celebrating the production of its 10 millionth Ford Mustang, the iconic sports car that has become synonymous with the Ford name.

The 10 millionth Ford Mustang is a 2019 Wimbleton White GT convertible model capable of producing 460 horsepower thanks to a V8 engine.

It is modeled after the first serialized Mustang produced in 1964 in the same color and model. The 2019 Wimbleton White GT also features a three-speed manual transmission, just like the first-ever serialized Mustang.

Ford celebrated the milestone with employees at its Dearborn, Michigan headquarters and…

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It’s Not Too Soon To Start Thinking About Winter And Your Tires!

Just because it’s August and sweltering outside doesn’t mean you should put off preparing your vehicle for the cold months ahead. Winter weather will be here before you know it, and if your tires aren’t in good condition they could compromise your vehicle’s handling and your own safety in less-than-optimal conditions.

Worn tires can cause a lot of problems ranging from poor handling to increased stopping distances, both of which increase…

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Will The Ford Fusion Live On As A Sport Wagon?

Ford shocked the automotive world when they announced they would be ceasing production of all their cars (minus the Mustang and a variant of the Focus) to focus on increased demand for trucks and SUVs. It was a move that aligns with evolving customer preferences toward larger vehicles like crossovers and pickups, but it raised questions about what would happen to Ford favorites that aren’t trucks or SUVs.

Some vehicles, like the Ford Focus, may be living on, but not in their current form. The Ford Fusion appears to be the latest Ford vehicle that could be reimagined in…

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Kurt Busch Shows Off Ford GT at Gold Rush Rally

NASCAR star Kurt Busch recently took some time to show off his 2018 Ford GT at the 2018 Gold Rush Rally, a leading automotive rally that traveled from Boston to Las Vegas in the second half of June.

Busch assembled a team of friends to help showcase the Ford supercar during the rally, since his NASCAR prohibited him from participating in the whole route. Busch, who also owns a 2005 Ford GT given to him by Edsel Ford after winning the 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Championship, said it’s a treat to be able to own the 2018 Ford…

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New Documentary Details Ford’s Plans For Corktown Campus

Ford Motor Company’s plans for a new campus in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood were featured in a new documentary on The HISTORY Channel that focuses on the rise and fall of Detroit and Michigan Central Station, the latter of which Ford intends to transform into the centerpiece of their new campus.

Ford announced their plans for a 1.2 million-square-foot campus in June, a campus that will be dedicated to the development of transportation technology of the future. The company’s two primary focuses at the campus will be the development of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles.


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Ford Says Adaptive Cruise Control Can Prevent Phantom Traffic Jams

In partnership with Vanderbilt University, Ford Motor Company conducted demonstration to show how broad use of their adaptive cruise control technological can reduce, and prevent, phantom traffic jams.

Ford staged a live demonstration with 36 drivers on a closed test track to simulate regular highway traffic. Drivers drove the track using the adaptive cruise control and without the technology to experience the effects that adaptive cruise control can have on mitigating adverse traffic conditions.

The demonstration set up three lanes of highway-like traffic with 12 vehicles in each lane. Ford had the three lead vehicles in each lane slow to…

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Sloan Ford’s Nick McGrath Retiring After 41 Years

Anniversaries commemorate significant events in our lives.  Whether happy or sad, anniversaries call us to reflect on where we have been and where we are going.  In March of 2016, the Sloan Ford Family celebrated an important milestone in the life of an employee, and in our business: Nick McGrath and his 40 years of dedication and service as a Sloan technician. Imagine, 40 years of employment at one company!  

The 1970s were good to…

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Ford To Award Transit Vans For Innovative Disaster Relief Solutions

The Ford Motor Company Fund, the Dearborn, Michigan auto manufacturer’s community involvement arm, will be awarding three Ford Transit vehicles to nonprofit organizations who provide the most “innovative” and “effective” disaster relief solutions, the company said in early June.

The Ford Disaster Relief Mobility Challenge will benefit three 501(c)3 organizations in the United States who propose a unique vehicle use to address a challenge facing the local community. The challenge comes just…

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Ford SUVs Well-Suited For Families - Part II

As Ford transitions away from sedans and other cars in the next few years, a larger focus is being put on SUVs and crossovers, which are often the vehicles of choice for families. In our previous post, we looked at just how well the roomy Ford Expedition and the super-safe Ford Flex fit family life. They are both great options for large, busy families, but for those seeking something a bit smaller, this post will…

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2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Gets Off-Road Enhancements

Ford is giving its powerful performance pickup some upgrades, hoping to enhance the off-road experience through new shocks, special cruise control and secure seats. The Dearborn, Michigan company doesn’t settle for complacency as it is continuously improving its vehicles, with the 2019 F-150 Raptor getting some well-deserved enhancements.

The 2019 model will come fitted electronically-controlled FOX 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks that can adapt to various types of terrain in real-time, according to Ford. The shocks use FOX’s Live Valve technology to adapt to different road and off-road conditions, which FOX says helps to “maximize handling, comfort, and…

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