Sloan Ford’s Nick McGrath Retiring After 41 Years

Anniversaries commemorate significant events in our lives. Whether happy or sad, anniversaries call us to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. In March of 2016, the Sloan Ford Family celebrated an important milestone in the life of an employee, and in our business: Nick McGrath and his 40 years of dedication and service as a Sloan technician. Imagine, 40 years of employment at one company!  

The 1970s were good to Nick McGrath. He not only escaped the southern heat and humidity of Floridian Marine Mechanics, he found a good job, an eventual home it Chester County and did so alongside his soon to be wife, Angie.

It was March 22, 1977 when Nick McGrath rolled his box of tools into the Sloan Ford shop at 415 W. Lincoln Hwy. After a brief employment at another dealership, Nick looked for a company that valued their employees. Sloan Ford’s reputation piqued Nick’s curiosity. Nick met and interviewed with owner Jim Patterson.  He remembers it was snowing that day, memorable for a guy who used to work in Florida.

“My brother was a parts manager at another dealership. He told me about the Pattersons and Sloan Ford. At my interview, Jim talked with me about the importance of my saving money, about his priority of investing in employees, and the benefits of working at our dealership.  They offered me a 401K, a good salary, training and support: a good place to grow. I left to talk to my wife, but pretty much my decision was already when Jim talked to me,” Nick recalled.

“At that time, I drove a 1974 Pinto Station Wagon, then a Ford Van. I had a coffin in it,” Nick laughed proudly. He continues with a smile to recount the many changes during his tenure at Sloan.  For example, once part of a car, engine cables have been replaced with fly-by-wire and windows are now automated — remember those crank handles? In the 1970s kids rode any place in a car, climbing over and around seats to reach books, food, or just to have fun while riding in the vehicles.  Back then, popular weekend venues, such as drive-in movie theatres, candy/ice cream shops (and The Guernsey Cow), dotted Chester County.

Kennett Square, Chester County has been, and still is home for Nick, his loving wife, Angie, their son and his family.

Nick smiles just thinking of the time to cultivate his hobbies and relish in family time. Tinkering on engines may always be part of Nick, but retirement promises more photos, more dining and more family. As a passionate photographer, Nick captures bucolic scenery, laughing children, snowy streets, and even food in his pictures.  Along with his brother, the two have a website. To see Nick’s work, please follow his Facebook page by clicking here.

We, The Patterson Family, believe good companies are made up of good people and fresh ideas. Nick McGrath possessed qualities of integrity, honesty, and professional consistency of both attitude and performance.  He earned our personal respect and admiration. Nick earned that throughout the company as he mentored ‘young techs’ throughout his career. Ever patient, always calm and focused, Nick influenced with a quiet leadership.

Nick, thank you for your many years of hard work at Sloan Ford.  You have been an influential person who, by day-to-day example, emulated for others our Sloan culture as ‘customer loyal.’ We pray for your continued happiness and wish you every joy life offers!

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