Check Out Graham Rahal’s Purple Ford GT

With one look at the Ford GT, you’ll instantly understand it’s a vehicle like no other. Ford’s GT supercar boasts a 647-horsepower EcoBoost engine; a beautiful, aerodynamic design and an offering of eight exterior color choices. If you’re someone lucky enough to get your hands behind the wheel, you’ll feel its exceptional design for yourself.  

However, IndyCar racer Graham Rahal has a one-of-a-kind Ford GT that you won’t see anywhere else — one with all the standard design and performance features but with a special twist: a purple exterior.

In an interview with Ford Performance, Rahal said he wanted his GT to be bold and stand out from the standard color offerings.

“My favorite color is orange. But I saw that orange had been done on a GT already. So I wanted to do another color that wouldn’t likely be replicated,” he told Ford Performance. “I’m really happy with it.”

The purple color for Rahal’s GT was created by Axalta Racing and based on Lamborgini’s “Viola Parsifae” color. Axalta Racing added a pearlescent finish to make it even more unique, as it appears lighter in sunlight and darker at night. Rahal’s GT supercar also has silver racing stripes to create a truly unique Ford GT.

Rahal is a six-time IndyCar race winner and said the Ford GT’s racing history was a big influence on his decision to own Ford’s rare supercar.

“As a race car driver, I know that racing heritage is key for any successful car company. What I like about the new Ford GT is that it was designed the way all great cars should be,” Rahal said. “By that I mean, this car was designed as a race car, then Ford figured out how to make it work on the street. That’s always better than building a street car, then figuring out how to make it into a racing car.”

Rahal said he will be working with Xpel to cover the GT in paint protection to preserve its unique paint job, only available on Rahal’s custom, one-of-a-kind supercar.

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