Ford Takes Next Step To Restore Michigan Central Station

Ford Motor Company has taken the next step forward in their plans to restore the historic Michigan Center Station — the centerpiece of the company’s forthcoming Corktown-based campus in Detroit, Michigan.

Ford has announced the selection of architectural and design partners who will help Ford transform the once-abandoned train station into the heart of Ford’s new campus focused on the future of transportation. Quinn Evans Architects and Christman and Brinker will help restore the building for Ford, with Quinn Evans in charge of design work and Christman and Brinker serving as the project’s construction manager in a joint venture.

Quinn Evans Architects specializes in historic preservation, according to Ford, and have worked on projects involving the Michigan State Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Academy of Sciences on the National Mall and Penn Station in Baltimore.

As part of the Corktown Transformation Joint Venture, Christman and Brinker have worked on a number of high-profile projects, including the expansion of Little Caesars World Headquarters, several Detroit public schools and a project at Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business.

Todd Brooks, Ford’s program manager of Ford Land, the company’s real estate arm, said the experience of both partners makes them a good fit for Ford’s Corktown project.  

“Quinn Evans Architects and Christman Brinker have a strong track record of working together on restoring historic buildings, so we felt they were the right partners to help us begin this transformation project,” Brooks said. “They share Ford’s passion for redeveloping Detroit’s landmark train station, ensuring the local community benefits from our presence and building the future of the transportation industry right here in Detroit.”

Ford’s Corktown campus will be devoted to the future of the technology industry, with the company focusing on the development of electric and autonomous vehicles, as well as smart mobility solutions, at the Corktown location.

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