Ford Is Readying For An Electrified Future

Ford Motor Company has dove headfirst into the development of electric vehicles as they adapt to changing consumer preferences. The company already has invested $11 billion into electric vehicles as they strive to bring 16 fully-electric vehicles to the market by 2022.

These 16 vehicles will be part of a 40-vehicle portfolio of electric automobiles, marking a historic change in direction for the Blue Oval. One vehicle that Ford fans should brace for is a Mustang-inspired electric utility.

This all-new performance utility is expected to arrive on lots in 2020 with an estimated range of 300 miles.

Darren Palmer, the director of Ford Team Edison Global Product Development, said he’s just as excited for the release of this new SUV as he was for the unveiling of the Shelby GT350R, which he also played a role in developing.

“It’s exciting to know that my stint leading development of the next-generation Mustang actually comes full circle as we get ready to launch our electric Mustang-inspired utility,” Palmer said in a Medium post. “I, for one, can’t wait to have one — side-by-side — with my Shelby GT350R.”

Palmer said the electric vehicle market is rapidly growing and that the change in consumer trends represents an exciting moment in the automotive industry.

“The electric vehicle market overall is accelerating at an exponential rate, with each individual market presenting its own unique challenges. It’s an exciting time to be bringing forward a winning portfolio of electrified vehicles,” he wrote.

Palmer said the shift has required employees, specifically Team Edison, to approach vehicle development with a specific mindset. He said that the company will rely on customer input more than before due to there being little historical information that can aid in the development of electric vehicles.

“There isn’t a ton of historical data to look at for electric vehicles — meaning you can’t just look back at what happened before and use that as inspiration for what to do next. The world is fundamentally shifting, and we have to listen more than ever to really understand our customers and how they are evolving.”

Palmer said that Ford’s upcoming portfolio of electric vehicles will not only be appreciated by electric vehicle customers, but that they will be developed to perfection.

“Electric vehicle customers are buying into the future and our team is 100 percent focused on not only delivering vehicles they will love, but providing an entire electric vehicle ecosystem that works flawlessly.”

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