Ford’s Warriors in Pink and GoRide Health Will Offer Free Medical Transport for Cancer Patients

One of the lesser-known challenges for patients of breast cancer is transportation. Now, thanks to a clever pairing of Ford’s esteemed Warriors in Pink initiative and the GoRide Health medical transport service, those affected by breast cancer can expect even more support.

For individuals battling breast cancer, securing transportation to and from countless appointments and chemotherapy treatments can be extremely stressful. This is especially so when the physical effects of chemotherapy, such as fatigue, neuropathy, and the reduced ability to focus, are considered. Programs like GoRide aim to eradicate this issue, allowing patients easier access to necessary healthcare.

“Our collaboration with Warriors in Pink gets right to the heart of GoRide Health’s purpose: To make healthcare more accessible to those who need it most, and to do so with empathy and care,” said GoRide’s chief marketing officer, Anika Brown.

“Through the Warriors in Pink collaboration we’ll be able to remove at least one burden from patients and families and we’ll do it with compassion,” she added.

GoRide Health will take patients wherever they need to go, including medical appointments, treatment centers, and even the pharmacy. All ride costs will be covered in full by Warriors in Pink.

Currently, complementary rides are available in the greater Detroit, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, and Cincinnati areas, and the service area will be expanding as GoRide adds more cities.

Eligible riders can be verified through the Warriors in Pink website or via phone call at 833-546-7433. Information about the program will also be available via Susan G. Komen, The Pink Fund, hospitals, and Ford dealerships.

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