Ford Moves Forward With Wind Power

Ford continues to push forward with its commitment to making all of its operations as efficient as possible. Ford has announced that it will begin utilizing 500,000 megawatt hours produced by local wind sources for its Dearborn Truck Plant. The Dearborn Truck Plant and Michigan Assembly Plant are on their way to being completely powered by renewable energy by the beginning of 2021.

By working with local sources of renewable energy, Ford is looking to reduce its impact on the environment while continuing to support and bolster local economies and support local jobs in the surrounding communities. This move is just the next step in Ford’s plans to embrace more forms of renewable energy.

Andy Hobbs, the director of the Environmental Quality Office said that, “Ford is proud to be a part of this initiative, as it builds on the early achievement of our aggressive 30 percent per vehicle carbon reduction target.” He went on to explain that Ford had reduced the company’s yearly carbon footprint by at least 3.4 million metric tons.

Ford has also announced its involvement in a new tariff crafted for large corporate and industrial customers by MIGreenPower. This program allows corporations to have more agency over where their energy use comes from, and can go a long way to reducing overall carbon emissions for energy production.

Now, American classics and powerhouses of the road and workplace like the F-150, Raptor and Ranger trucks will now be manufactured using more renewable energy than ever before. One more way Ford is looking to the future for a sustainable and eco-friendly business model.

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