Breaking (wind) News: Road Trips Will Never Be a Pain in the Butt Again


You’re driving down the road for hours and hours toting the family down to the vacation spot, butt there’s something bothering you. You’ve been sitting for quite a while, so it’s not something that’s hard to get to the bottom of. You look to your rear and the kids are fast asleep; bummer, a distraction is what you really need right now.


Turns out the car you got just last Easter caused some serious pain in your keister. Those seats aren’t meant for long term tail time, but now thanks to Ford’s Dr. Derriere you can kiss all your posterior positioning problems goodbye!


Mike Kolich, Dr. Derriere, is the supervisor of Ford’s global seating and comfort team. While many other manufacturers leave these concerns by the wayside, Ford always has their eyes on the backside. It’s because of their dedication that hind — excuse me — headquarters called for the design of the all-new sleek and stylish front seat that will be offered in the 2020 Ford Explorer.


“Road trips can be largely defined by how comfortable people are – and when you get down to it, how comfortable our seats allow them to be,” said Kolich, whose Ph.D. in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering with an emphasis on seat comfort has earned him the moniker among Ford seating experts.


This new design is posterior to findings from AAA that reported 50% of family travelers will take a road trip this year, as well as the millions of workers who, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, spend a record average of 26 minutes in the tail end of traffic.


Ford’s delivering a V-shaped design that provides torso support for a wider range of body types and sizes. In Explorer, available eight- and 10-way adjustable front-row seats cool occupants using a ventilation feature that draws warm air from the body rather than pushing cold air through seat perforations. Explorer ST and Platinum models come equipped with a multicontour system with unique massage patterns. New front-row back panels allow for a more sculpted appearance and improved second-row knee room. All in all, this design is sure to put a smile on your cheeks.


“Our lab testing has changed the way we operate,” said Kolich. “Not long ago, the industry didn’t have measurable objectives like we do today. We would build a seat, and from there it was trial-and-error. We’re smarter than that today – we know what people expect.”


We can’t wait to get our butts into one of these new Ford Explorers!

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