Packages Delivered Directly To Your Car With New Ford Amazon Partnership


The e-commerce giant Amazon has changed the U.S. postal system in many significant ways. We shop online for everything: food, clothing, electronics, and more. Last year alone, the United States Postal Service delivered close to 6.2 billion packages, that’s double the amount it delivered only a decade ago.


Ford is also in the business of changing the world, and for the past century they’ve done that by powering people’s ability to get where they need to go in safe, reliable vehicles. Ford has innovated in the fields of safety, capability, and economy in the automotive industry for many years now, and it’s all in an effort to make their customer’s lives easier.


Now, things are going a step further as these two giants come together with an interesting solution to a package problem. It started last year when Amazon approached General Motors and Volvo with a service that at first might seem a bit odd: in car delivery. Today this service is available for 2017 or newer Ford and Lincoln vehicles.


The idea is that those concerned with the security, safety, and fulfillment of their delivery can opt into in car delivery. Via apps like FordPass, customers can unlock their car automatically for the scheduled delivery and lock it automatically once it’s come. This is all remote and automated, but it can be canceled at any moment if anything seems off.


Delivery people will be outfitted with a special digital key that makes the car respond to their presence and unlock. The application for this is there, it makes sense. Maybe you live in a neighborhood with less than trustworthy neighbors, or it’s raining, perhaps you don’t have an official address and the only place for deliveries is your vehicle.


Ford has been striving for convenience with FordPass and it goes beyond in car delivery. Drivers can set auto-start times to warm the car in the morning, or just before closing time. FordPass also allows for payments, fluid checks, and more.


This new service could be a game changer for Ford, Amazon, and Ford drivers. What do you think? Would you get your next package delivered directly to your Ford?

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