Ford Moves Forward with Advanced Electric Grid and Electric Vehicles

Electric-powered vehicles are the way of the future, and Ford wants to power this transition by creating North America’s largest electric vehicle charging network in preparation for their own line of electric vehicles. Through 2022, Ford is investing $11.5 billion in electric vehicles, including their anticipated release of the electric Mustang-inspired SUV. Ford understands that customers have concerns about electric vehicles, and aim to assist customers in all aspects, from education ahead of purchase, an easy shopping experience, and of course an accommodating ownership experience.

“Among people who already own or want to purchase electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, 48 percent say that a lack of charging stations is one of their main concerns,” said Ted Cannis, Ford director of global electrification. “By offering industry-leading charging access we are dismantling those barriers, allowing more customers to confidently enjoy the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.”

To combat these fears, Ford is unleashing an array of solutions including charging options at home and on-the-go. For those looking to charge at home, every Ford all-electric vehicle will come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger. This charger will allow electric-car owners to charge using a 120-volt outlet and a higher-voltage 240-volt electrical outlet. The standard 120-volt outlet will result in an average of three miles per charging hour, and the higher-voltage 240-volt electrical outlet will produce a charging rate of 22 miles per charging hour. Understanding that convenience is important, Ford has partnered with Amazon Home Services to offer installation of home charging stations. 

“The fact that most of our customers will plug in at home is a key advantage to an all-electric vehicle,” said Matt Stover, Ford director of charging, energy services and business development. “We will deliver a charging experience that is hassle-free whether you’re at home or on-the-go.”

For on-the-go charging,Ford is offering two years of complimentary access to North America’s largest network, the FordPass Charging Networking.This feature offers convenient pay-as-you-drive charging and includes more than 12,000 charging stations with more than 35,000 plugs. Ford states that regardless of the charging option customers choose, they will still be able to view upfront pricing estimates.

In order to expand upon the FordPass Charging Network, Ford is partnering with Greenlots to bring together multiple charging providers and teaming up with Electricy America. The partnership with Greenlots aims to add additional networks to the FordPass, helping it grow for added accessibility for electric car drivers. In joining efforts with Electrify America, FordPass Charging Network will provide access to DC fast chargers. These chargers will charge an all-electric car in minutes as opposed to hours, utilizing a 150-kilowatt charger.

For Ford electric vehicle owners, planning a trip will be easier than ever with FordPass Power My Trip feature. This tool will take into account the vehicle’s current charge and factor in charging stations along the route for the most appropriate charging stops. Ford electric car drivers can always track their vehicle’s charging progress through the FordPass app, available for download through the Apple and Google Play stores.

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