5 Classic Ford Vehicles No One Remembers

In the company’s illustrious 116 year history, Ford has manufactured and released countless iconic vehicles. However, as with any car manufacturer, Ford has also produced it’s fair share of vehicles that never truly caught on.

As cool as many of these cars are, there are reasons Ford didn’t produce them for long. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to take a walk through history. Join us as we discuss five classic Ford vehicles that never managed to etch their place in the history books. 

5. The Ford Fairmont

The Ford Fairmont was produced from 1977 to 1983, but the series would never get much attention from the masses. Although the Fairmont’s regal appearance allowed it to stand out, it was largely overshadowed by the vast amount of other Ford models that were on the market at the same time. The Ford Fairmont was a well-made vehicle, it was never truly able to make a substantial impact.

4. Ford Ranchero

The Ford Ranchero actually enjoyed quite a long production lifespan, as Ford manufactured the interesting pickup/coupe hybrid from 1957 until 1979. While the model was unique and mildly popular in its day, it simply wasn’t as dependable as many other Ford vehicles from the same era, and its pickup capability never matched that of Ford’s juggernaut lineup of full and mid-sized pickups like the F-Series and the Ranger. 

3. Ford LTD

Despite serving as the basis for two iconic Ford vehicles, the Ford Crown Victoria and the Ford Taurus, and enjoying a 20-plus year production life, the Ford LTD never truly became an icon for the prestigious motor company. That’s a shame, because the LTD was a reliable and sharp looking car. In fact, the LTD even experienced some popularity outside of the U.S. in countries like Venezuela, Brazil, and Australia. Despite this, the Ford LTD is not very sought after by modern collectors. 

2. Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick was a capable muscle car during its production run from 1969-1979, but it was largely blown away as a result of the Ford Mustang’s rapid rise to glory. The Maverick was extremely reliable thanks to its durability and power, but it didn’t sell as well as other similar models from the same time period, and was eventually pulled off the market and elements of the vehicle were reworked into the platforms of the Ford Granada and Ford Fairmont.

1. Ford Falcon

Upon its initial release in 1960, the Ford Falcon was actually a smash success for Ford, outselling contemporary rival manufacturers for most of its early years. Despite an abundance of potential and a variety of muscley trim packages and upgrades available, the Falcon’s impact eventually weakened, and the model was discontinued in North America in 1970. However, outside of the U.S., primarily in Australia, the Ford Falcon gained serious traction. The Australian version of the Falcon was so popular, it remained in production until 2016.
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