This week, Ford Mustang models of every color, shape, and era headed to Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium to take part in a record-setting Mustang parade. 

On September 7, Ford lined up 1,326 from all across Europe, shattering their own previous record of 960 cars, which was originally set in Toluca, Mexico in 2017. 

In order to pack that many muscle cars in such a limited amount of space, each Mustang was driven no more than 20 meters (65.6 feet) apart in an uninterrupted convoy. Afterward, each car’s driver participated in a special choreography. The whole event was done in celebration of the Mustang’s 55th anniversary this year. 

Take a look at all the fun and festivities in the video above then head to Sloan Ford to continue the celebration by getting behind the wheel of a brand-new Mustang of your very own!

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