3 Ways Your Mirrors Can Make Backing Up a Boat Easier

For long-time boating enthusiasts, backing a trailered boat into the lake in preparation for a fun-filled day of water-related activities is second nature, but the truth is, this process can be frustrating if you aren’t used to doing it.

If you’re inexperienced when it comes to unloading a boat, you can spend copious amounts of time trying to get the angle just right, backing in and pulling away half a hundred times before hopefully making it work. Unfortunately, this can cut into the time you’ve already set aside for a fun day in the sun, and time doesn’t grow on trees.

If this kind of situation sounds all too familiar, don’t worry! Sloan Ford is here to show you how to back up your boat the easy way: by using your mirrors! 

Relying on your mirrors is the far superior way to back up a trailered boat, and here’s why.

The Mirror Method Keeps You Lined Up Straight

Backing up a boat the usual way can leave you struggling with the steering wheel as you desperately try to keep your trailer moving backward in a straight line. By looking into your mirrors instead, you will be able to see when your boat isn’t straight by taking note of whether it appears in your mirrors in the first place.

If your boat starts to fill up your mirror, it means that the trailer it’s sitting on is turning to much to one side. To correct this problem, simply steer your wheel in the direction of that mirror. This will straighten out your trajectory and get your boat into the water without an issue.

The Mirror Method is More Comfortable

Often, when people are backing up, especially with a trailer, their first instinct is to turn in their seat almost a full 180 degrees and crane their necks in order to peer out the back windshield. 

By relying on your mirrors to guide you, you can stay seated in your vehicle exactly how you would normally, saving you from discomfort. It’s far more comfortable to face forward in a vehicle. This is especially true if you have a history of neck or spine issues.

The Mirror Method Allows You to Keep an Eye on the Front of Your Vehicle

The whole reason side-view mirrors were invented in the first place was to take the danger out of taking your eyes off the road. Even though backing up a boat into a body of water isn’t usually done in the middle of the highway, it can still be important to keep your eyes facing forward. 

This is especially true if you’re attempting to back up your boat in a tight or confined area. By using your mirrors, you will still be able to see where your boat is going, but you will also have a far easier time seeing ahead of you in case you need to avoid large rocks, buildings, or fences.

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