The transmission is one of the most vital and expensive parts of any automobile. This is especially true in cars that are equipped with an automatic transmission.

Replacing an automatic transmission can cost thousands of dollars. If you drive an older car, replacing its transmission may actually end up costing you more than the car is worth, forcing you to junk it. 

To help extend the life of your automatic transmission, and to potentially save yourself a significant amount of money, be sure to avoid the following five bad habits while driving your automatic transmission vehicle. 

Never Drive Through Deep Water 

Automatic transmission vehicles are equipped with a small vent-like piece that helps to release pressure by expanding and contracting when your transmission fluid gets hot. 

If you drive your automatic transmission vehicle through water, it’s possible for this transmission vent to draw water into your transmission, effectively ruining your entire system. 

Never Switch Between Reverse and Drive While the Vehicle is in Motion

One of the most common mistakes people make in an automatic transmission vehicle is switching between reverse and drive without bringing the car to a complete stop.

It’s the job of your car’s brakes to bring your vehicle to a complete stop, but if you are still rolling when you shift your vehicle from reverse to drive or vice-versa, you’re making your transmission do your brakes’ job. This can wear out your vehicle’s gearbox considerably, drastically increasing the risk of transmission failure in the future. 

Never Leave Your Car in Drive While Idling

Leaving your vehicle in drive while idling will send unnecessary amounts energy throughout your system, which can cause your transmission to overheat tremendously.

If you find yourself idling for a long time, it’s best to just shut the car off entirely. This saves your transmission, saves your gas, saves your engine, and even helps to save the environment from pollution.

Never Do Burnouts or Try to “Launch” Your Vehicle

Burnouts and “launching” (accelerating your vehicle while its in neutral before suddenly dropping the vehicle into drive) are popular methods of messing around with a powerful vehicle. The fact of the matter is however, these are two of the absolute worst forms of abuse to subject any vehicle to, especially automatic transmission cars.

Both burnouts and launching put unnecessary stress on the transmission which will drastically increase the wear and tear on many of its major components. Not to mention, it’s quite unsafe. Therefore, it’s best to avoid these things entirely.

Never Go Without Changing Your Transmission Fluid

With many later model cars, it is a popular belief that automatic transmission fluid will last throughout the entire life of an automatic transmission, at least under “normal driving conditions.”

In reality however, replacing your transmission fluid every 60,000-80,000 miles can increase the lifespan of your automatic transmission and your vehicle as a whole.

For more great transmission tips or to give your car the regular maintenance and attention it needs, don’t hesitate to call or schedule an appointment with the expertly-trained service team at Sloan Ford.
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