Be Aware Of Your Vehicle’s Basic Needs

Whether you’re running from one job to another, off to pick up the kids after work, or traveling adventure to adventure, we all have busy lives and fall guilty of focusing more on getting to the next place rather than the here and now. Sometimes focusing on the here and now means inspecting our vehicle to make sure it’ll be a safe ride to the next place. It’s easy to have a flat tire sneak up on you, continue to drive with a burned out light, or sometimes make a fatal mistake with turning on the ignition when a small animal is under the hood. Sloan Ford in Exton wants to take a few minutes to give you some basic reminders and tips for your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Walk the Perimeter of Your Car

No matter how busy your day, everyone has a few moments to spare to walk around their vehicle before getting in and driving away. Start your vehicle and turn on your lights and test both turn signals. Making sure that you don’t have any burned out bulbs will make sure you can see clearly at night as well as making sure that your vehicle and intended maneuvers are visible to other drivers. If you have a passenger with you, have them check to see that your brake lights also work as you test stepping on the brake pedal. Checking your lights not only keeps you safe while driving, but also prevents you from receiving a fine.

It’s also important to inspect your tires regularly as well. Tires lose pressure when the temperature begins to fall, not to mention we all unknowingly drive over sharp objects including nails. Before driving to work in the morning, make sure your tires look and feel properly inflated. It’s important to find a hole in the tire to patch right away or fill it with air after a cold night to prevent driving with a flat tire that can damage the wheel. 

Critter Check

During the colder months, while you’re staying warm with heated seats and heated steering wheels, outdoor animals also seek shelter and warmth. Many of them, including cats, find warmth nestled under your vehicle’s hood next to the engine. Turning your car on while an animal is under the hood could lead to their fatality and leave you with a problem. To save a life and prevent any issues, knock on your hood a few times or beep your horn. This will startle the animal to leave their hiding place before you turn on your car. 

It’s important to develop good habits inspecting your vehicle so you and your passengers stay safe at all times. For more helpful tips and reminders, be sure to follow Sloan Ford’s blog posts and sign up for our email notifications. Is it time for your vehicle to get an oil change, replace a brake light, or get a new tire? Make an appointment today with Sloan Ford’s service center!

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