The All New Ford Explorer at Sloan Ford

Ford Sales Event

Find New Vistas


Push beyond the limitations of other vehicles and get out there to discover what you've always wanted. The new 2019 Ford Explorer is ready and able to move beyond your expectations and take you to your next adventure. Reliable and powerful, the Explorer will open new doors you never knew existed when it comes to capability. Make a bold decision; get ready to explore.


Breaking Free From The Road


Don't allow yourself to be limited by the asphalt. With the 2019 Ford Explorer, you can go wherever the adventure is no matter the terrain. The Terrain Management System allows the vehicle to shift into different settings to match the surface you're driving over-mud, sand, gravel, grass, or snow. The Intelligent 4WD system will ensure your tires maintain traction and keep you moving.


Safe And Aware


For those long distances, drive confidently knowing that you have a comprehensive collection of technology assisting to keep you and your passengers safe. The Explorer can make you more aware of your surroundings with the Ford Safe & Smart package which uses its wide range of sensors to keep track of lanes and other vehicles on the road.


Strength Meets Comfort


The 2019 Explorer's powerful silhouette and hard contour lines make it recognizable no matter where adventure takes it. Inside of the luxurious cabin, you'll find all of the comforts you've come to expect from Ford along with new advances to give you the most satisfying ride possible. The integration of Amazon Alexa into the center console means you have access to voice navigation and over 30,000 other features. Worry less about everything else, and just explore in comfort.

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